Welcome to Habitat Window + Door Service

We are the most cost effective way for your company to provide both warranty and out-of-warranty service for your customers.


Here are some examples of service issues HW+D can solve for you:

  • A new patio door will not latch, and there is an immediate need for security. HW+D can be quickly dispatched to the job site, make the unit secure and provide warranty service and parts to get the door up to the manufacturer's standards.
  • A newly installed picture window has failed the final inspection. Somehow, the requirement of safety glass was missed and now the window has been trimmed out in exotic hardwoods and finished to perfection. HW+D will reglaze the window with tempered insulated glass—no matter if the frame is aluminum, vinyl or wood/clad—and leave the frame and trim intact.
  • A customer's recently installed entry door is binding and the lockset is difficult to secure. HW+D has the expertise to quickly analyze the door components and installation to correct minor imperfections that often add up to major problems. The door and hardware will once again work as designed, closing and locking with that solid-sounding "thunk" of a well-done door installation.


It's a difficult balancing act for dealers to keep a highly qualified service technician on staff—there is just not enough service work to keep busy on a full-time basis. They wind up settling for a part-time salesman/part-time service tech or some other split job, a compromise that doesn't work very well. A good technician would prefer to work on service issues, and a good salesman would prefer to sell.

Understanding that dilemma, HW+D is able provide a highly qualified independent service contractor to select dealers in the Bay Area in an on-call basis for all major window and door factory and dealer service. This way, no one dealer has to bear the brunt of keeping a full time technician on staff, and yet they have the services of a highly qualified, trained, expert service technician for the critical task of on-site customer service.