About Habitat Window + Door Service

HW+D was recently founded in Walnut Creek, California by Charles Stembridge, a builder, designer and self-taught dirt-bike mechanic, as a business that provides expert-level on-site window and door service to select dealers in the San Francisco Bay area. He has worked in many facets of the construction business for over 20 years as a carpenter, designer, architect and general contractor. He has worked for a local lumber company, both as the manager of their full capacity door shop and then as the manager of the window and door department. He has shaped and built surfboards, fabricated stained glass installations, and was chief mechanic and gatorade-pourer for an off-road motorcycle race team

These varied experiences share one thing in common—a love of building things, of seeing a vision of what could be and then figuring out how to get there. 

Throughout his building career, Charles has focused on learning what makes a good window or door, and also what makes a good window or door installation. He has installed several hundred windows and doors and has developed—over thousands of hours—the techniques, tools and skills that allow HW+D to expertly repair and service windows and doors.

Charles has a BA from UC San Diego and an M.Arch from UC Berkeley, and has studied geology at UC Santa Barbara.


California General Contractor license 675702